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  • Animal Control Bats
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Animal Control Services

Finger Lakes Wildlife Control specializes in animal pest control, removal, and home proofing (exclusion). We resolve animal conflicts with people and property.

Bat Removal Services

Got Bats?

It's Bat Season
Contact Us for Removal & Exclusion Services. We can come assess your situation & solve your problem.
For Bat Removal & Exclusion Services
 Call or Text: 607-423-9894

New York State Wildlife Management Association

New York State Wildlife Management Association Member


Common Animal Pests

  •  Bats
  •  Beavers
  •  Birds
  •  Chipmunks
  •  Crows
  •  Deer
  •  Flying Squirrels
  •  Foxes
  •  Geese
  •  Groundhogs
  •  Mice
  •  Mink
  •  Moles
  •  Muskrats
  •  Opossums
  •  Pigeons
  •  Rabbits
  •  Raccoons
  •  Rats
  •  Skunks
  •  Snakes
  •  Squirrels
  •  Starlings
  •  Voles
Have A Problem With Bees or Bugs?

Contact our friends at Custom Pest Control. They prevent unwanted guests and treat those who have already arrived.